Patch Notes March 24th

24 March 2020 (15:26) by Archlight Team

Patch Notes March 24th

Due to increased amount of players, we have increased the map cleaning interval from 12 hours > 4 hours

"Unlock All Cosmetics" tokens fixed and available back to in the Arch Store

Fixed a bug in the ArchPass with it's weekly reset day/time

Rift Club base attack changed from 62 => 38

Fixed improper kick delay in annihilator from 50 seconds => 5 minutes

Fixed an issue with Farming where you had to relog in order to plant seeds after being online for a considerable amount of time

Increased the damage slightly of the Sorcerer T2 Soul Rune

Fixed a few issues with Solo Quests

Fixed an issue with Cosmetics (Account Wide) Syncing

Fixed improper teleport in one of the Pits of Archlight instances

Fixed a paralyze bug in CTF

Voodoo bosses spawn position fixed

Global Potions use has been enabled (only obtained in-game, but were not enabled for use)Updated Divine Healing's name on awakening spells window

Fixed Tamers Call uptime

Fixed Vexclaw's Test of Strength/Skill task

Patch Notes March 18th

18 March 2020 (03:39) by Archlight Team

Account Wide Cosmetics 

You will now have an option in your outfits window to push your cosmetics to all characters on your account.

Solo Quests Enabled

Any quest that has been completed 7+ days ago will now have it's solo version unlocked for players to challenge!

Rune Emblem Change

Now to activate your rune emblem you simply need to put it in your Rune Emblem Spot. You will no longer needs to also "activate" it.

Various Map Fixes (Fixed PZ Abuse Spot in Anni and more)

Lodestone Boss Summons Bug Fix

Classic Tibia Viewer 

Will be added in in a future client build (likely this week), we had it ready working in yesterdays tests, however an unexpected bug has come up with it, so we will push an optional client update once we resolve the current issue.

Katanas added to the market

Test of Strength/Skill Improvement

New Test of Strength/Skill will use subcategories of creatures instead of specific creatures, meaning no more going to a spawn trying to find a single version of the creature to kill)  

Updated Test of Strength's dialogue to say the option "active", that shows your active tasks.

Rebalanced Death/Desert rifts damage.

Cosmetic Unlock Tokens

We have been getting bombarded by people asking us to add in a way to unlock cosmetics without adding in the pay 2 win element of their passive benefits (something we guarantee'd will not come to Avuria). So we have decided to add in 6 different tokens, each token will have it's own price point and purpose.  

All cosmetics unlocked will be strictly cosmetic and have no passive benefits attached, however, you can obtain all of these cosmetics through in-game gameplay to unlock their passive benefits!

All of these tokens apply the cosmetics account wide, not just to a single character.

None of these tokens will unlock the Samurai/Shogun Outfits, Illumination Aura or the new Samurai Mount from the ArchPass.

Additionally, all of these tokens will be 20% off for 6 days until next Tuesdays Patch! After that, they will increase to full price!

Normal Outfits Token - 800 Coins > 640 Coins

This includes all the normal tibia outfits

Normal Mounts Token - 800 Coins > 640 Coins

This includes all the normal tibia mounts

Archlight Outfits Token - 1200 Coins > 960 Coins

This includes all the Archlight Outfits


Archlight Mounts Token - 1200 Coins > 960 Coins

This includes all the Archlight Mounts

Wings Token - 1600 Coins > 1280 Coins

This includes all the Archlight Wings

Auras Token - 1600 Coins > 1280 Coins

This includes all the Archlight Auras

Additionally, you can get all 6 tokens for 3500 Coins > 2800 Coins (Till March 24th) saving 3700 Coins!


We're working really hard to ensure Avuria stays an incredibly mild server when it comes to donations. This of course hurts our bottom line alot, despite crushing all past player records (this Saturday being our highest population day yet on Avuria and all servers in 5 years). This is a way you guys can prove to us we can fully self-sustain with simply cosmetics and low-return shop items. 

This Friday we will also be gathering data on the 2 weeks of launch, and then sharing that data with you guys! This will include discord growth, player counts, region activity and top played vocations :)

Thanks everyone and hope you guys enjoy our latest Patch!

Avuria Launch in 20 Hours!!

05 March 2020 (20:09) by Archlight Team

Some things to keep in mind going into Avuria's Launch tomorrow!

1. The rate of progress is far slower. More so when awakened, but pre-awakened as well. Dont expect to hit awakened on launch day, or maybe even launch week. Avuria is a year long season, it's a marathon, not a race! (however, it's also a race).

2. Upgrade rates are slower on gear. +15 full set will be far more valuable and rare than +15 set on Ildar or Dracona. This also means overall progression will feel harder and slower as well, as you may be a certain level where content feels harder than usual, because of the weaker upgrades and stats.

3. The ArchPass is available for everyone to progress in, the progress from it is very relevant. Make sure you are progressing your ArchPass for progression tokens to buy upgrades, stat stones, enchantment boxes and more. For new players this will also help teach you the systems of Archlight and ways to most optimally use your time.

4. While the bot has been removed, meaning alot less people will simply be on when not playing, we are preparing for a large influx of players, especially come prime time Saturday. We have a massive amount of content creators playing Archlight, however some are starting after the weekend or during the weekend. This is a blessing as it will give us a chance to have some early game spawns clear a bit, as well as hopefully not lead to any massive queues, however, those may come next week. We have put a queue system in place already just incase.

5. Launch is also earlier than a launch has been. It's already at 7am (or 20 hours from now). This is so we can best handle the larger population, allowing people to slow roll in a bit more as alot of NA, and NA streamers, will be logging in later in the day.

6. Have fun! We put alot of love and passion into Avuria, and we hope you all enjoy it and a new pace of Archlight