Patch Notes May 29th

28 May 2020 (20:38) by Archlight Team

Patch Notes Friday, May 29th

The Archpass will be entering a Season 2 in the near future, at which point the pass will wipe and new cosmetic rewards will be available to be obtained for the new Archpass Season.

In this new season, we will be heavily buffing the Archpass itself, a full list of changes will come in the near future, however the primary thing we are addressing is how fast the Archpass can be completed, right now it takes far too much time to work through the Archpass itself, resulting in vast majority of players to not even come close to obtaining all the cosmetics from the premium pass in a given season.

Because of this, and the season soon ending, we will be offering Archpass Cosmetic Unlocks for just 1 LAT from the LAT exchanger which will unlock the remaining cosmetics from the Premium Pass you are missing. It will not unlock the other levels, only the cosmetic ones. On Avuria, it is 900 coins from the ArchStore.

These will unlikely be offered again in the future, as they're simply added to compensate for the large rework the pass is going to get in terms of progression rate, however, we also want to make sure those who did unlock them dont have to worry about the unlock token.



   - Fixed the Cooldown Reduction coming from Gems and Woodworking


Monster Essence

   - Monsters in Quests will no longer be yielding any essences

   - The experience message and numbers (in the Game Window) should now be matching with each other



   - Fixed an issue where ticks didn't always occur


Mimic Scrolls

   - It is now possible to mimic Katana's


Helmet of the Deep

   - Removed drown immunity



   - Apply owner upon completing the arena


Weapon Exchanger

   - Disallow items with Ashen Dust to be exchanged


Reward Boxes

   - Removed goldencrafted token from certain boxes


God Spells

   - Fixed an issue with the Hephaestus spell



   - Fixed an issue where various monsters were unable to push items which led to players going through the content with ease



   - Fixed an issue where Cosmetic Tokens weren't always distributed properly


PvP Death

   - Fixed an issue where the penalty were halved


Quest Log

   - Added Otherworld tasks

   - Added Forgotten Island missions



   - Fixed an issue where certain monster spells damaged other monsters

   - Hades

       - Fixed an issue where certain tiles weren't No-PvP

       - Fixed an issue where the attackable hand disappeared after numerous runs


Angel Gatekeeper (Heaven and Hell)

   - The boss will only appear after all levers have been pulled to prevent players from killing the boss before they have removed the obstacles blocking the bridge


Blood Quest

   - Fixed an issue where the entire party got transported despite not all of the members having the appropriate access


Voodoo Quest (Heroic)

   - Fixed an issue where Hagrid the Shaman didn't spawn properly


Solo Quests

   - Fixed reward box tiers

   - Lowered Sharptooth/Sharptooth Cannon damage by 25%


Forgotten Islands

   - Arani the Infiltrator

       - Cooldown from barrel reduced from 10s to 5s.

       - All items has the same chance to drop.

       - Only a unit of each item is required to build the fire rocket.


   Leno the Whisperer

       - Cooldown from cactus reduced from 10s to 5s.

       - It will now "roll" the whole stack of Extraction Crystals.


Death List

   - It will now display Awakening Levels

Patch Notes May 15th

14 May 2020 (23:52) by Archlight Team

Patch Notes May 15th 

Class Balances

Attack speed scaling for summons nerfed by 25%.

Fleetfloot cooldown increased to match feat's description.



Tamer pets had its base HP doubled.



Soul Rune: Scaling issue fixed. The caster will also move faster while charging.

Venomed Wakasashi: QI version now causes 50% more damage instead of 100%, DoT decreased by 20% and interval increased to 1s.

Gekko Blade: QI version had its heal amount increased by 65%, duration reduced by half and interval between ticks increased in 100%.

Hira Shuriken: Cooldown increased from 4s to 7s, pvp damage reduced by 10% and it will now consider your grip. Overall base damage decreased by 30%.

Legendary Spell: will also now reset all QI cooldowns.

Cyclone Blade: Cooldown increased from 5s to 7s. QI effect area swapped. The non QI version will have the bigger area and the QI version will have the smaller area but deals 40% more damage.

Storm Blade: non QI version now bounces up to 5 targets instead of 3.



Legendary Spell: area slightly increased and magic effect changed for better visibility.

Artifact: Removed from Strong Spinning Blades, it will now add a second spin to Spinning Blades, increasing its damage.



- Added prevention methods from emote spam

- Fixed water walking issue with Treasure Cove

- Removed unintended bonus to Illumination Aura

- New channel added to show Monster Essence info

- Fixed issue with Apollo's Hymn where players were being healed even when they were "dead"

- Fixed issue with Samurai Soul Rune targeting

- Artifacts will now have an adaptive description, where it shows their bonuses according to the level

- New command "!cosmetics" added, to show you which cosmetics you own and which cosmetics you receive bonuses from

- GFB and Avalanche will now properly scale with arcane stats and general buffs

- Reward Chests from Marius fixed

- Fixed issue where Werebear and Crypt Spider didn't count towards tasks

- Fixed levitate issue on heaven arena

- Added Misty Mountains to Quest Log

- Fixed a duplicate Node in War Golem Spawn(s)

- Fixed an issue where Wild Growths couldn't be destroyed while there was a fresh corpse beneath

- Fixed an issue where Scourge Prince could be damaged with Area of Effect spells without your weapon(s) being infused with garlic

- It is no longer possible to walk on levers

- You will now get kicked after 5 minutes after slaying Forgotten Minotaur/Juggernaut/Abomination

- Fixed an issue with chest pushback (Auto Walk related)

- The regeneration interval from gems will be a static value of 2 seconds instead of vocation-based (some vocations benefited more than others)

- Fixed several levitation bugs in Hell & Heaven

- Several Map Fixes 

Patch Notes May 5th

04 May 2020 (22:42) by Archlight Team

Patch Notes May 5th - Coming to Dracona, Avuria & Ildar!

Hideout Shores Content Released

Triple in size, large reworks to nearly every part of the island, over a dozen new added creatures, all creatures rebalanced.

The new game region Hideout Shores will be a massive chunk of new content available between otherworlds and forgotten islands strength, however access to challenge this new area and what it has to offer will be obtained by completing the Jorus Story Quest. 

But that's not all. The tasks on the newly revampped island will yield Large Stat Stones as opposed to regular stat stones for their completion!

Misc Fixes

Fixed issue with Cooking up a Storm reward chest.

Guild Ritual Lords will now require guild level 20. Also, fixed an issue where some requirements weren't checked before entering the arena, such as awakening level and cooldown.

Fixed an issue where Unforged Katana couldn't be used in a Reforged Mastercrafted Katana.

Changed message type for conditions (such as poison, bleed, etc) so it can be hidden by unchecking "show status messages" on client configuration.

Blood Elemental from Succubus instanced quest will no longer spawn under a Soulcatcher.

Fixed improper attack speed scaling for Phantom Apparition (Heaven Artifact)

Fixed floating tree in a dragon lord spawn

Berserker's spinning blades will be cancelled upon changing floors

Fixed a levitate bug at Kavdros

Removed No-PvP zone from a tower in Heaven & Hell

Added Protection Zone to the entrance of Abomination Quest

Fixed unwalkable tile outside depot