Anniversary Event, Class Balances, Manual Play Bonuses & More!

15 September 2020 (03:55) by Archlight Team

First off what an absolutely wild season so far, almost 2 weeks in and we're hitting 150-200 person queues on a weekday! Absolutely mad. It's amazing to see how much excitement and attention Dracona is getting, our last Dracona season hit a record of 430 online, we blew past that hitting 821 before the servers got overloaded!  

We've been hard at work making further optimizations to hopefully allow for a higher amount of players to be online at once, and further reducing that queue, however our main focus is keeping the servers stable, online and as lag free as possible!


Dungeon Changes

You guys asked and we've listened! We will be reducing the recharge rate of dungeon charges from 4 hours to 8 hours, however, dungeons will now have 2x the rewards (experience and items). This ultimately means half the dungeon runs, same rewards. With this, we will also be reducing the amount of dungeon charges the dungeon furniture gives by 50% so it stays on par with the dungeon rewards.


Class Balances

We will be addressing a handful of primary balance issues, these will be updated Thursday so stay tuned!


Anniversary Event

Our half decade anniversary is here in Friday's Patch! Absolutely insane to think it's been over 5 years of Archlight already! This Archlight Anniversary will be action packed with some familiar community favorite activities (Cake throwing, Cake Eating Event & more)! Additionally, there will be over 13 new in-game obtained rewards for players to fight over!

A full list of everything able to be acquired during the event will be updated on Thursday with the class balance notes!


New End Game Quest Chain - Coming Soon

A New 3 Part Quest Chain will be releasing not this patch, but likely the one after! More information about this quest chain will drop next week!  

Dracona Doorbusters, Cosmetic Races & Final Patch Notes

02 September 2020 (22:46) by Archlight Team

Dracona Season Doorbuster & Exclusives

The doorbusters & exclusives for this season have been requested quite literally over a 1000 times by Dracona players from seeing them on Ildar, and after 3 years of never being available for Dracona players, this season they are!

The first 50 Large Pack Donations will come with a free bonus Heaven OR Hell Aura (You will receive a token to choose which you want). The Aura's will remain available the entire season however in-game for 8 LAT's.  

The Heaven & Hell Aura's are Heirloom Exclusives to Dracona but are not cross-server (as Ildar already had their chance to obtain them!)

The Heaven & Hell Aura's are both T4 Skill Aura's (+12 Skill & +30 Power)

Donations will no longer come with 10 / 20 Legendary Keys, instead, you will be able to buy Legendary Keys for LAT's at the exchanger.  


Donation Changes

Legendary Crates now have a chance to drop Cosmetic Lootcrates instead of a rune/soul soil.

You will now be able to buy small bounty card packs in-game for LAT's (For those who dont wish to do the ArchPass)

With that, Donations for the new Dracona Season are Now Open! If you are wanting to get one of the free Heaven / Hell Aura's, dont wait until an hour into launch to try and get one, as most likely all will be gone before then!


Cosmetic Lootcrate Changes

The penguin companion has been removed (passive did nothing with gold nuggets being removed)

The chance of a common cosmetic has been reduced by 50%, the chance of a rare/semi-rare cosmetic has been doubled.  

The 6 Mentor Token mounts have been added to Cosmetic Crates as Mentor Tokens are no longer a thing with the Solo Quest System.


Dracona Cosmetic Races

The Achievement Point Races were very well received on the last NA and EU, so we have decided we will be continuing this with even more winners! We have doubled most the amount of cosmetic winners for all 5 races, additionally, the 150 achievement point race is now unlimited!

3 Achievement Point Races

First 10 players to 300 Achievement Points

First 50 players to 200 Achievement Points

All players to obtain 150 Achievement Points

Leveling Race

First 50 players to Level 1500

Quest Race

First 20 players to complete Hades Quest

Stone Breakdowns

You are now able to break down Relic and Awakened Stones into smaller stones at the blacksmithing workbench with profession skill 1. The requirement to enhance/transmute stones remains the same.  

1 Relic Stone = 2 Awakened Stones

1 Relic Rune Stone = 2 Awakened Rune Stone

1 Relic Soul Stone = 2 Awakened Soul Stones

1 Awakened Stone = 5 Legendary Stones

1 Awakened Soul Stone = 4 Soul Soils

1 Awakened Rune Stone = 4 Rune Soils


New ArchPass Season on Dracona

All Archpass Cosmetic Rewards are Heirloom

Mercenary Outfit

(25) - (T2 Health/Mana)

Ebony Tiger

(50) - (T2 Skill)

Hand of the Inquisition

(75) - (T2 Health/Mana)

Poltergeist Outfit

(100) - (T3 Skill)


Misc Final Patchnotes

The gold from Monster Essences has been slightly lowered.

The Turn-In experience compounding formula has been slightly lowered from Awakening Turn-In's (This isn't very noticable until awakening 500+).

The Turn-In experience formula has received a base amount of experience for each Awakening Turn-In (This will be most noticable between awakening 0-50).

Bonus Referral Rewards!

31 August 2020 (18:01) by Archlight Team

From now until September 10th, all referrals you make will earn you 300% the amount of coins it usually would.  

Additionally, any referral you make that reaches Awakening 1, will earn you 25 Archlight Keys & Crates ONTOP of the usual Coins.