Dracona relaunches July 9th

27 June 2021 (19:04) by Archlight Team

The Dracona server will go offline for maintenance on Wednesday June 30th at 9:30am PT 12:30PM EST. Players will have until then to power up and finish any goals they have for the era!

Full Class Balance notes posted July 2nd!

We are exceptionally excited to announce Dracona will relaunch in just under 2 weeks time on July 9th, at 9am PT 12pm EST!


The layering timeline was longer than anticipated, it has been an exceptionally complicated system to create, one even some AAA studios have a hard time creating. The final result however is nothing but fantastic. We are so excited about the doors that this system has opened for Archlight as a project. We had to create this system out of a necessity of the amount of players wanting to play Archlight, one of the best problems we could have... but a problem none the less. Having this new layering system now allows us to essentially meet any population no matter how large moving forward!


Changes for this Re-Launch

 Solo Quests time after completing regular quest reduced from 7 days to 3 days for this launch.

 Sieges will be enabled for the first weekend after launch, to allow for guilds to recruit members and have proper bidding time.  

 Guild Halls will be enabled and handed out the first weekend after launch weekend not on launch weekend.



As mentioned before, the cosmetics from the previous era have been turned into T5, and all donations made during the era until now will be reapplied on your account available on launch day. Your Wheel of Archlight spins will be credit back to your account online. However if you obtained a Charizard mount of Butterfree companion you will keep those on your account instead.  This is very large thank you to compensate everyone for the support given during the development of the Layering System and technical issues from last launch.  


As a reward for the community opinion votes at the re-launch announcement date, we have drawn almost 200 winners that voted and helped us with their feedback! When vocation balancement notes are posted for the character creation announcement, we will share a list of the winners as well. Please check the list for your Discord tag. Be sure if you changed it that you look for any past ones. You can send a message on discord to CM Biga and ask for your code! He will send you a code that can be redeemed online for points that will be applied on your account and available at launch. Also, that day we will share the winners of the contests from the SoftLaunch day, and reward them with their prizes! The names of those people will be added to the same list on a separate part.  


Please allow 24-48 hours once you've messaged CM Biga for your code to be delivered. If you message him during launch day and not before please note replies for giveaways can be delayed.  

Thank you very much for you support, feedbacks, and participating so far!


Layering System


The Layering System has been officially introduced and live on Dracona on June 16th! It was a tough system to develop but now that it is finished it's time to enjoy the benefits of it. As you know, it has been tested on live server already and it's working quite well! If you want to read more about the Layering System, please don't miss a chance to check our FAQ page at the wiki by clicking Here  


We encourage feedback and opinions on polishing the system even further for you all. You can submit these in game with Ctrl+Shift+Z or in the Idea submission channel in our discord.  

Exciting new things!

The Peddler NPC has been added.  

 This NPC will sell a random pool of exclusive heirlooms from past eras and his stock will rotate from time to time. It doesn't have a fixed location and can be found throughout the game world! But have no fear he doesn't like to much excitement so he's nowhere very dangerous!


Past items obtained at the Peddler that were previously cross exclusive are not when introduced from his market. You will be able to view your exclusives page on the website and see things purchased from the Peddler marked with a P next to the name.  

Raid Boss inspired Dungeons

 New Kraken, Sarandiel, and Forgemaster themed dungeons. They will yield a soulbound shard and be able to be spent at the respective NPC's on Myrefall in the Forgotten Islands. These shards can be combined with non-soulbound shards from the raids as well. Additionally each of the 3 raids bosses and each of the dungeon bosses will now drop special mounts to collect.


These dungeons will require you to have tasks and missions completed on respective islands to unlock the ability to challenge them. We have some new puzzling challenges awaiting you inside.  


Kraken will be tied to Blackridge

Sarandiel will be tied to Rumrunner Bay

The Forgemaster will be tied to Azmar Sands


All 3 will require the islands kill tasks, npc missions and Moles from Myrefall to be on cooldown and completed in order to enter. This means you can have up to a 7 day window to gain entry and try them out. So even the busiest of people can challenge the mighty bosses lair's. You will be able to enter the dungeon as many times as you need to within the cooldown period. Your charge is consumed on the slaying of the boss' minion inside. Because of this and the value of the reward the monsters inside do not drop loot or experience. You will be required to solve the puzzles, kill the boss, and 80% of the creatures inside to complete it. More information on why these dungeons are of mass importance will come in the near future hehe.


Important new things

Added cosmetic boxes to the Cooking up a Storm quest. Killing the mini-bosses will give you 1 cosmetic box each, and killing Lloyd will give you 2 cosmetic boxes. The cosmetic boxes cooldown resets with quests.


 Points, Heirloom points, and even cosmetic, drops are now automated, and will happen at a scheduled time. You can use the command !points or !heirloom to see when your next drop will occur! The days schedule has not changed from the coins resurrection page on our website under the community tab.  


 New enchantment added: It will be called Lifeleech. Whenever you deal damage it will now heal you on hit. Melee weapons will be 50% chance and Ranged weapons will be a 33% chance. The healing values will be 3, 5, and 8% for each of the 3 tiers.


The previous "Lifeleech" Enchantment sprite visual has not changed but the name will be changed to be called "Life Bloom". It will continue to be a regen over time buff as it was before.

Balancements and Class changes will be posted July 2nd as we finalize some details and testing now.

Equipments scaling changes and stat imbuements will be posted with vocation balance changes so you can fully plan your adventure. We will be changing how the scaling works and the pathways in which you must take to obtain the upgrades. This will open us up to being able to not only make your time spent feel better rewarded, but allow us to restructure how equipment feels over all. Additionally it opens us up to some cool more end game style equipment in the future. We heard a rumor of possibly obtaining a Gorgon head shield that could have a chance to affect your attacker. But those birds do like to gossip. 



Miscellaneous changes

In Addition to the list posted when our Layering system went live on June 16th available below are additional changes.

 Archpass tasks "Kill a World Boss" has been changed to "Kill a World Boss or a Ritual Lord"

Participants will now be required to be in a party for the Team Boss Arena and players can't be pushed onto it.

 Players will no longer draw the same monster on multiple bounty windows.

Flippers are now a consumable item. Once used, you are permanently able to walk on water and no longer need to swap boots.

 Elixirs no longer remove slow from CTF event.

Sigil Dungeon ores will now drop a raw material, instead of 1 of each type. This won't affect the total amount of ores. You can clean this raw ore up into an of your choice at the Blacksmithing station. Requires 80 backsmithing + crafting costs. To further refine the special ore Aaron will craft your pieces as usual on Minerva's Isle.  

 Removed level requirements of weapons.

 Wild bosses cooldown is now 10 minutes instead of 15.

 Wild bosses kill count to enter the portal is now 20 instead of 30.

 Wild bosses total kill count for portal spawn is now 200 instead of 150.

Navy Captains will now counts for the ship captain task from the NPC Arani the Infiltrator, while completing the mission.

All nomads now counts towards master taskmaster and Steve the Addonner, Kill count increased from 115 to 175.

Bonebeast task has been removed from the Monster Hunter NPC.

 The following creatures have had their ranges reduced to 3: Forgotten Spearman, Forgotten Shaman, Cyclops Spellmaster, Helm Spellmaster, Forgotten Wizard, Treasure Coves Ranger, Angel Ranger, Angel Monarch, Demon Warlock, War Scouts.

 Shirakan the Bloodprince has been removed, it was an old and unused NPC.

 Celestial equipments now have a new sprite.

 The stats window will properly show the correct value for the stats. These were reduced a couple era's ago with the addition of the spell revamp but the window wasn't changed back then. 

 Strength stat will now yield 0.33 instead of 0.22 per point.

 Haste will be adjusted to grant a bonus for certain vocations. More info coming in balance notes. 

 Changed the Polishing, Repolishing, and Shining oil colors to make them look less similar to each other.

 If you do not belong to the guild that owns the guild hall, you cannot go to that gathering area, even if invited inside the hall.

 Blacksmithing stones breakdown now requires profession level, scaling depending on the power of the stone. Recipes are available at Blacksmithing under the city depot.


Map Changes

While working on the Layering System, we were revamping old maps to make them better in many ways including buffing profession nodes and spawn sizes or map shapes. Since the last Dracona era until now, the revamped or changed maps are:
Added a free duplicated Voids spawn.

Venomous widow  

Metal Gargoyle

Deadstone / Otherworlds inner book seal areas

Duel arena

Enflamed lords

Cliff striders


Hidden Asura Temple

Samurai Swamp


Corrupted Cave

Ninja Monastery




Base of Olympus  

Ogre Spawn

Rumrunner Bay


Treasure Cove



Death Reapers  



Lurking Cave spiders

Giant spiders


Cave Behemoths

Forsaken dragon spawn expansion (This made one of the Nomad and one of the Hellflayer spawns need to have their position adjusted on our world map. So you may notice some mini-map over writing on your first exploration)

Wargates Changes


The damage over time on corridors will now hit every 15 seconds instead of 10.

EXP from wargates has been reworked and the numbers will change based on your level. However a full clear of monsters will give you around 10 levels if pre-awakened, and 2 levels if awakened no matter what without experience boosts.

The wargates drop rate chance has been changed, as we added a new mechanic that makes your drop chance increase every minute it is out of cooldown. This will not only let you drop them more often it will increase along with the already implemented global system that scales the drop chance when a challenger is needed. This should result largely in more gates over all for actively hunting players regardless of their power. 

Wargates will stop searching for a challenger if more than 50% of the monsters have been killed already without 2 players.  


Gustavo's Shop

Team Boss Arena cooldown token cost has increased from 300 WC to 1000 wargates currency, and it's cooldown is now 7 days.

Team Boss Arena gathering reduction token cost has increased from 50  to 150 wargates currency, and capped at 5 max.

Sigil equipment transfer cost increased from 250 to 500 wargates currency.

T3 Soul runes have been removed from the shop.

Ramparts cooldown reset token cost increased from 300 to 500 wargates currency.

Warcry spell token cost has been increased from 800 to 1000 wargates currency, you still require 3 to unlock all stages of the spell.

Added back the 6th spell unlock token for 1000 wargates currency

Other items may be added in the near future


Bug Fixes

We added quite a few in when Layering went live, however sometimes we need to wait until a new era for certain reasons.

Fixed a bug where Mimic Scrolls would not properly remove the soulbound from equipment in certain situations.

Hellflayers have had their loot, experience and essence's nerfed by 50%. This was intended to happen this past launch like it did respectively on Ildar, and was left out on accident.  



Cosmetic Race Rewards


Due to the anticipation of layering allowing us to host many more of you wonderful players and all your friends! We have slightly increased race rewards this time around to accommodate us starting with 2 worlds!


First 20 Players to 300 AP

Arcane Rambler - T4 HP/MP


First 30 Players to 200 AP

Tanned Swiftstrider - T3 Skills


First 225 Players to 150 AP

Guidon Bearer - T3 HP/MP


First 35 Players to Slay Hades

Bloodforged Warhorse - T4 HP/MP & Skills


First 60 Players to Awakening Level 1500

Choice of Dragonair or Shiny Dragonair Companion (+5 all Stats)  

(They don't stack)


Obtain 500 AP by end of the season (Unlimited)

Pink Moth - T4 Skills


ArchPass Rewards


Level 50 ArchPass Mount Cosmetic 

Temple Keeper - T3 HP/MP


Level 100 ArchPass Outfit Cosmetic   

Temple Master T3 Skills

Dracona Season Class Balance Notes

05 February 2021 (23:07) by Archlight Team

Balance Update - Dracona Season - Launching February 12th!

Character Creation will be open in 1 hour from this post (At 3pm Pacific Time)


  • Added detailed information for over a hundred spells in the spell book and awakening window to better clarify what ranges or effects and things spells are capable of in general.
  • Awakening Experience has been nerfed by 25%.
  • Experience Boosters will no longer compound, they instead will be summed into a multiplier that is being applied at the final experience. This will overall reduce the experience cieling stacking from it as well.
  • Reduced Movement Speed by 50%.
    • Strong Sprint movement speed bonus has been reduced from 50% to 40%.
  • Added reputation check at Minerva's Isle. It means that some spawns will only be accessible at certain reputation amounts.
  • Some monsters like Insects from Minerva's Isle have received ranged spells.
  • Guild Ritual Lords will no longer be able to start unless 5 guild members are present within the sacrifice area.
  • Level up notifications have been reviewed to no longer yield gear weaker than Prismatic.
  • Sigil Equipments
    • Will now require 500 awakening level to be equipped, instead of the previous 300.
    • Stat Sets will now have a RNG chance from getting 8-15 stats, instead of 10-20. Full set bonus has been reduced from +20 to +10 stats.
    • Each tank set equipment will now reduce your skills by 15 per piece equipped.



  • 25% of an Archer's Arcane will be applied as a boost for its Strength Stat.

Auto Attack

  • Multi Shot
    • Chance increased from 10% to 30%.
  • Splinted Arrow
    • Changed the name from Splinted Arrow to Splintered Arrow
    • Increased the damage from 50% to 75%.
  • Burst
    • No longer cuts attack speed in half, now it will deal damage in a 1x1 square area around the target, dealing +40% damage. The damage is based on the auto attack damage + 25% of the Arcane stat bonus.

Quad Shot

  • Damage increased by 20%.

Soul Rune

  • Movement Speed bonus removed, added a +5% attack speed bonus instead.
  • Unload Quiver
    • No longer shoots 2 extra arrows, instead it has 3 rounds, which deal damage every 0.5s. First 2 arrows deal 60% damage and the last one deals the full damage.
  • Freezing Arrows
    • Will now apply an Ice DoT for 3 turns for 25% of the original damage, every 0.5s.


  • increased the skill level bonus, from 30% to 50%.

Arrow Volley

  • Proper Volley
    • Reduced damage penalty from 50% to 30%.

Focused Shot

  • Blood Splash
    • Added a 1x1 square area damage around the target, followed by the usual wave damage.




  • Auto Attack damage increased by 20%
  • Overall Spell Damage increased by 10%.

Auto Attack

  • Buffer
    • Chance increased from 20% to 40%.

Soul Rune

  • Offensive Notes
    • Damage increased by 10%.

Bard Wave

  • Wave After Wave
    • Updated description where it mistakenly said that the second wave did less damage.


  • Aggression
    • Damage increased by +150%.


  • Versatile
    • Will now also heal mana for mage allies who have mana shield on.

Music Strike

  • Guaranteed Effect
    • Increased DoT damage from 36% to 45% of original damage.
  • Sticky Bombs
    • Increased amount of bounces from 2 to 4.

Sound Explosion

  • Sound Aura
    • Damage increased from 50% to 60% of original damage.
  • Sound Wave
    • Damage increased from 60% to 100% of original damage.



Auto Attack

  • Guaranteed Effect
    • Increased attack speed scaling from +1% to +1.5%.

Class change with Bleeds from Spinning blades, Strong spinning blades, Relentless rage.

  • Bleeds increased and will now do 35% of the original spell's damage hit per tick. They will scale with the spells damage as you awaken them to do a total of 65% of the original spells hit per tick.


  • Movement Speed reduced from +70% to +35%, Critical Chance reduced from +30% to +20%, Attack Speed reduced from +25% to +15%, Damage reduced from +20% to +10%.


  • No longer doubles effectiveness, it instead increases it by +25%.

Demand An Opponent

  • Will now use regular skill instead of magic level in the damage formula.

Final Showdown

  • Isolation
    • Instead of dealing +100% to isolated targets, it will now deal +5% damage for each target hit.

Heavy Swing

  • Earth Shake
    • Area increased in one tile on the sides.

Strong Spinning Blades

  • Damage increased by +10%.

Relentless Rage

  • Damage increased by +5%.


  • Damage reduced by 20%.
  • Cooldown increased from 12s to 20s.


  • Charge up time reduced from 2s to 1s.


  • Damage bonus reduced from 100% to 50%.



Soul Rune

  • Ahoy
    • Area reduced from 4 to 3 tiles.

Flask of Rum

  • Base Healing reduced by 8%

Quick Draw

  • Side Effect
    • AoE will now also hit the target.

Second Wave

  • Wanted
    • Area has been reduced to 4 tiles.



Auto Attack

  • Guaranteed Effect
    • Chance increased from 5% to 8%.

Nature Healing

  • Chance increased from 10% to 20%.

Blooming Form

  • Cocoon
    • Now when casted the player will be transformed into the Blooming Form, if the cooldown is available.

Chilling Blast

  • Chilling Explosion
    • Countdown delay reduced from 2s to 1s.


  • Carniphila
    • Uptime increased by 2 seconds.
  • Helping Roots
    • Healing increased from 5% to 10% of maximum health/mana.

Eternal Winter

  • Remaining Icicles
    • Cooldown increased by 50%.
  • Ice Bomb
    • Cooldown increased by 50%.

Strong Azur Wave

  • Length increased in 1 tile.
  • Warm Up
    • When 2 or more enemies are pushed together, deal a follow up damage of +125% of the original damage.

Merlkin Form

  • Heaven Artifact
    • Will now properly refresh the regeneration in case the player refreshes the form duration.

Frost Grenade

  • Damage increased by +15%.

Wrath of Nature

  • Vines
    • Cooldown increased by +50%.
  • Root Whip
    • Cooldown increased by +50%.
    • Damage increased by +40%.



Soul Rune

  • Instigate
    • Threat Reduction increased from 8% to 15%.

Holy Retribution

  • Extinguish
    • Healing debuff decreased from 50% to 25%.

Sunfire Missile

  • Hell Artifact
    • Scaling reduced by half. (Total of 75% damage bonus at level 15)
  • Sunfire Explosion
    • Now will properly apply DoT to every enemy hit.
  • In Between
    • Reduced the amount of bounces by 1.

Holy Spirit

  • Summon will now heal regardless of being attacking or not.
  • Shadow Spirit
    • AoE damage increased by +10%.

Ultimate Challenge

  • Damage increased to match Sunfire's.




  • Attack Speed cap increased from 7 AS to 8 AS.
  • Health per level increased from 120 to 130.

Auto Attack

  • Damage Impulse
    • Buff increased from 1% to 2%.
  • Velocity Impulse
    • Buff increased from 1% to 2%.
  • Critical Impulse
    • Buff increased from 2% to 2.5%.

Soul Rune

  • Heavy Artilley
    • Bullet rain will now last for 3 seconds, hitting 4 times. One hit every 0.75s.
  • Armed and Ready
    • Now follows the caster. Duration increased from 2s to 3s.
  • Fan of Bullets
    • Special bullet damage increased from 50% to 75%.

Concussive Shot

  • Flare
    • Area increased from 1x1 square to 2x2 square.


  • Debilitated
    • Increased damage from 50% to 100%.
  • Shadows Teleportation
    • Will now teleport to the direction you face.

Explosive Rounds

  • Guaranteed Effect
    • Will now also increase the area of effect slightly. Outlaw specialization will have an even bigger area.

Splitter Rounds

  • Chance to hit increased from 10% to 15%.
  • Spell will no longer be awakenable.

Outlaw Ammo (New Awakenable Ability replaces splitter rounds on the skill tree)

  • Guaranteed Effect
    • Ammo swapping will now have a 2 seconds cooldown.
  • Piercing Rounds
    • Increases Piercing Rounds damage by +2% per point added.
  • Splitter Rounds
    • Increases Splitter Rounds damage by +2% per point added.
  • Explosive Rounds
    • Increases Explosive Rounds damage by +2% per point added.



Soul Rune

  • Guard Spirit
    • Duration increased from 3s to 8s.
  • Charge
    • Damage increased by +20%.

Absorb The Elements

  • Duration decreased from 30s to 15s.

Strong Flurry of Punches

  • Electrifying Fist
    • Amount of bounces increased from 2 to 4.




  • Shadowform added to Quick Button
  • Fixed issue where Quick Button summoned multiple summons even when only one was checked.
  • Health per level increased from 120 to 140.

Necroi Sacrifice

  • Will now trigger "on death" conditions.

Ravenous fiend

  • Guaranteed Effect
    • Bonus per point increased from 2% to 5%.
  • Life Steal
    • Increased from 2% to 4%.

Witch's Hourglass

  • Will now share Reaper's Touch awakening effects. That means that points and effects will work on both spells. (The DoT style damage will still not stack)




  • Health per level increased from 150 to 160.
  • Auto attack damage increased by +12%.

Auto Attack

  • Stab
    • Every enemy will now properly receive the guaranteed effect.

Soul Rune

  • Group Attack
    • Will no longer hit the target twice.

Blink Step

  • Damage increased by 500%.
  • Trickery
    • Delay to teleport back increased from 2s to 3s. To aid in casting a spell during your placement shit.
  • Fan of Knives
    • Clones will now hit 60% of original damage instead of 50%.

Clone Justu

  • Fan of Knives, Smoke Bomb and Death Blossom
    • Clones will cast it every second they're active.

Death Blossom

  • Sedate
    • Will now put every target in a 3x3 circle area to sleep, instead of only your target.
  • Hurry
    • Damage increased from 200% to 400%.


  • Strike
    • Now, one clone is going to focus the target and the rest will target at random.

Fan of Knives

  • Spinning Knives
    • Cooldown increased to 8s.

Shadow Step

  • Damage increased by 400%.
  • Will now have 2 charges before getting in cooldown.


  • DoT damage increased to be 100% base hit per turn.
  • Jab
    • Damage increased from +100% to +200%.


  • Damage increased by 25%.

Slice and Dice

  • Walking away will no longer cancel the damage.
  • Backstab
    • Will now teleport to the target's back stunning them for 2 seconds.

Smoke Bomb

  • Damage increased by 200%.
  • Tear Gas
    • Will now cast a DoT for 50% of the original damage, hitting every 0.5s for 3s.

Throwing Knife

  • Explosive Knife
    • Damage reduced by 15%.

Cunning Blades

  • Will now also increase attack speed by 10%.


  • Hits increased from 8 to 16. Damage increased by 20%.




  • Added Taunt to quick button.
  • QI cooldown reduced from 30s to 15s.

Auto Attack

  • Piercing Katana
    • Effect removed.
  • Katana of Wisdom (new effect)
    • Has a 10% chance to end a random QI effect in cooldown.

Tiger Blade

  • Hell Artifact
    • Duration increased from 3s to 5s.

Soul Rune

  • Damage reduced by 10%.

Cyclone Blade

  • Damage increased by 20%.

Dragon Blade

  • Taunt removed from base spell.
  • Dragon's Protection
    • Now taunts enemies hit to pair with effect.

Dragon Spirit

  • Powerful blade
    • Chance increased from 10% to 15%.

Hira Shuriken

  • Hira Teleportation
    • the 2 Slashes after teleporting have had their damage increased by 100%. This does not apply to the projectiles.

Venom Blade

  • DoT damage increased by 50%.
  • Venom Wave
    • Now starts at target's position, damaging them.
  • Poisonous Spread
    • No longer will rely on already poisoned players to spread poison, instead, it will have a 20% chance to spread to spread to targets within a 3x3 area.

Yaten Blade

  • Cooldown increased from 6s to 8s.




  • Pyromancer specialization damage increased by 20%.


  • Added a 1.5s global cooldown to it.

Auto Attack

  • Sudden Death, Great Fireball and Avalanche
    • Damage doubled.


  • Guaranteed Effect
    • DoT damage increased by 25%.
  • After Burn
    • Damage bonus increased from 50% to 100%.

Enflamed Pyroblast

  • Damage increased by 15%.

Fire Shield

  • Guaranteed Effect
    • Burn damage increased by 30%.
  • Fire Projectile
    • Chance increased from 20% to 60%. Damage increased by 25%.

Infused Energy Beam

  • Infused Energy Orbs
    • The base spell will now longer be casted.

Rage of the Skies and Hells Core

If either spell is awakened in any way Cooldown increased from 8 to12 seconds

Fire and Arcane shield active Icons coming in the near future




  • Auto attack damage increased by 20%.
  • AoE damage increased by 60%.
  • DoT damage increased by 100%.


  • AoE slams damage reduced in 10%.


  • Scratch damage reduced by 10%.

Auto Attack

  • Added an internal cooldown of 4s for the effects to be available to be casted again.

Spirit of the Eagle

  • Eagle Embrace
  • Cooldown bbnus reduced from being cut in 50% to be cut in 25%.

Tamer's Bond

  • Overwhelmed
    • Resistance reduced from 10% to 5%.

Tamer's Call

  • Underwhelmed
    • Damage bonus reduced from 20% to 15%.

Tamer's Shot

  • Damage increased by 15%.

Unending Bond

  • Duration decreased from 30s to 15s.
  • Adding points to it will now increase effectiveness by 5% instead of duration.
  • Guaranteed effect
    • Duration decreased from 40s to 25s.

Pets damage

All Tamer Pets have had their damage increased by 50% due to a scaling bug discovered late yesterday. This is 50% buff applied before any changes mentioned above.


Player Summons of all variations for the whole game

  • Summons overall have had their damage base buffed by 50% a scaling bug was discovered for all summons.

We will be reviewing all summons before launch at this time only Tamer is going to keep the full 50% buff. We are assuming due to already balancing around the bugged lower damage most damage will stay close to what you've seen. Some summons will receive some buffs and we will post about that at a later time. An example is Blue coats from Corsair's Legendary spell have auto attacks that are quite weak and could use the 50% buff. But we don't want to buff the effect of them using "run the barrel" by 50%. This bug was found at the very last minute so we did not have time to fully gather this up in order to give you more information. So your take away from this is that at the least summons will remain buffed/nerfed according to above notes with the exception of Tamer pets.

Dracona Season Expansion Notes

28 January 2021 (20:38) by Archlight Team

Full Class Balance Notes Posted: February 5th, 7:30am PT

Character Creation Opens: February 5th, 8:00am PT

Dracona Fresh Season Launch: February 12th, 8:00am PT (11:00am ET / 1:00pm BST / 5:00pm CET)

Following up our massive success of the last Dracona Season, we have a new Dracona Season coming in 2 weeks, and we cannot wait to share what's coming new with it We have some new content coming at you all, some big changes, reworks, fixes and improvements. So sit back, and enjoy the read! :)


Wargates - PvP & PvE Content

Wargates are a new 1v1 PvP & PvE content coming to the new Dracona Season. By killing creatures in the world of Archlight, you will be able to obtain access to a wargate. Entering a wargate will generate a map with random traps, chests, creatures and bosses that are scaled to your strength. These creatures will drop a significant amount of experience, some of the chests will have wargates currency inside them (beware the traps!), and by killing the boss you will obtain a significant amount of wargates currency as well.  

However, you are often not alone inside these wargates. Wargates have a chance to have an opposing gate-crusader inside them as well, fighting over creatures, chests, and the boss. While you will not always have an opponent when you are inside a wargate, if you do, they will be someone within your power bracket.

While a wargate may look similar, every wargate is a unique experience. Not only with the map, chest & traps, but also with Power Ups & Affixes. Power Ups can spawn when a creature inside the gate is killed, by standing ontop of the power up you will absorb it, strengthening you for 60 seconds after. There are 10 different Power Ups you can obtain, from causing healing reduction to your opponents to adding bleeds to any source of your damage done.  

Affixes will be additional challenges to a Wargate that are generated when the Wargate is opened. Obstacles inside the Wargate that explode doing damage to nearby inhabitants, A crippling damage over time to everyone inside the Wargate, these are just a couple of the possible Affixes to keep each Wargate a unique experience.

Side Bonus: Killing Wargate Bosses also will contribute to the Wild Boss Achievement


Wargates Shop

While many forms of progression on Archlight currently have an element of randomization to them, wargate rewards will not! Wargate currency can be spent at the Wargate NPC on the second floor of the depot to get various progression or exclusive rewards! Here are a couple of the many rewards you are able to purchase with Wargates Currency.


Gem Exchange Token  

Using this token on 7 gems will allow you to turn them into another Gem Type of your choosing.


New 3 Tier Universal (PvE) Spell

Tier 1 - Pulls all monsters around you into you.  

Tier 2 - Paralyzes all monsters around you and prevents them from leaving your radius

Tier 3 - Deals large damage to all creatures around for you 5 seconds

Layering System

Over Population has obviously been a large concern on Dracona in the last couple era's, last era actually forcing us to have a queue, which at peaks was around 8 hours long. Archlight is a very heavy server to run, with how customizable and interactive characters are, there are many many things to calculate and that can cause issues when we're hitting 800+ players. We have made dozens and dozens of improvements to hopefully mitigate these issues since last Dracona season, however, there is still only so much we can do without drastically changing/dampening gameplay.  

While this system is not currently finished and will not be in for this Dracona season, we fully plan to have it in for the next or near future if before then. The reason we mention this is we feel it's important for the playerbase to know that we are actively working on a remedy to allow thousands to connect and play together, and wont be limited to queues and player caps.  

Our layering system is very similar to what Blizzard implemented in World of Warcraft classic. Essentially, players will be able to play all off the same world, however, with multiple layers they can login to and play on seamlessly allowing them to switch layers depending who they are playing with. Yes, houses will be able to be interacted with no matter what layer you are on. This will also help address launch week craziness allowing for slightly less congested spawns on other layers (granted, each layer will still support minimum 600 players, so there still will be alot of craziness). Layers will only be available as they are needed however, so you will not be able to simply hop onto a layer with 50 people on it. This new system will allow thousands to play on one world at once!


Ramparts Improvements

All of Ramparts has been increased in width to allow for easier movement and killing.  

The mob density has been reduced by 50% to make it less of a crawl.

Reward scaling has been increased at higher difficulties.  

Health scaling at lower difficulties has been lowered

Health scaling at higher difficulties has been slightly increased.

Damage of creatures has been increased significantly (primarily to account for 50% decrease in creatures).

Fungus boss has been slightly nerfed

Overall all bosses other than fungus have been slightly buffed.


Sigil Dungeon Changes

Fixed an issue where Frost Shield didn't properly work on Sigil Dungeons.

Players will no longer get rewards if they don't partake in the boss fight.

Hive Set wasps received a speed boost.

Jadis equipments will no longer have a chance to draw Strength stat, as well as Ox and Ra will no longer have a chance to draw Intelligence/Focus stat.

Aaron will now buy sigil equipments for 50 forgotten gold.


Spawn Revamps


Archbot Improvements

Re-added "use on self" healer option.

Fixed issue where Auto Haste executed even with the check box untoggled.

Soul Rune is now prioritize on the casting order.

Targetting now has a 10 tile range limit.

Miscellaneous fixes.


Misc Changes

Fixed issue with players getting stuck with temporary outfits.

Added a 5 seconds cooldown to "!mail" command.

Alchemy elixirs will now cleanse users.

Poseidon effects is now under "misc" options on client instead of player's.

Fixed an issue where ballistas could target companions inside Sieges.

Solo Misty Mountains bosses have had their health pool lowered.

On events like CTF and TDM, teams will now force enter a party.

Training Dummies will now properly display a player's DPS.

Fixed an issue where a spell from the boss Null from Team Boss Arena could still move players even when they got teleported back to the depot.

Fixed an issue where the bounty window wouldn't open.

Fixed miscellaneous issues with the new UI revamp.


New Content From Ildar

Sigil Dungeons

Sigil Dungeons are a new type of content that will be available to players above Awakening Level 300, as well as had completed the Pipes Quests in Shadows of the Ashen Content. By completing this quest you will receive a Sigil that can be used on your character in which it's progress can be tracked on your character UI. 

A Sigil Dungeon will require a team of 3-5 players to complete.

Players must clear the entire dungeon, in order to summon the Boss. Once killed they can enter the reward room at the end of the dungeon and are able to use their Sigil to Cleanse the Obelisk inside. Like Ramparts, you can help others in their Sigil Dungeons however not receiving the rewards multiple times in a cooldown cycle (3.5 days cooldown like quests).

Clearing a dungeon and killing the boss will increase the level of your Sigil by 1, up to a maximum of 100.

Players are able to run multiple Sigil Dungeons in a cooldown cycle to level up their Sigil, however they cannot get another reward until their cooldown is up. So you must choose carefully when to cleanse the Obelisk.

By leveling up your Sigil, dungeons you enter will not only be more difficult, but also will provide bigger and better rewards.

Sigil dungeons will include some pretty insane rewards such as Enchantment Boxes (5% chance for Level 10+ Sigil Dungeons), Bounty Cards, Global Potions, Relic Stones and much more! The higher the level of the sigil, the higher chance at rare rewards and total amount of rewards you will obtain.

There will be 10 total different Sigil Dungeons for players to explore and slay!


Sigil Dungeon Challenges

Every Sigil Dungeon "Cycle" (Twice a week) the server will choose 3 of the 8 possible challenges to be applied to the Sigil Dungeons. Each Sigil Dungeon run 2 of these 3 challenges will be applied to your Dungeon run.  

The different challenges!

Explosions! - Monsters will explode on death

Swarm - A swarm of creatures will spawn on a monster's death

Morphed - Monsters have 20% more health and 15% more damage

Morphed Bosses - Bosses have 40% more health and 30% more damage

Shockwave - Players will emit a shockwave damaging nearby allies

Bloodlust - When a monster dies, nearby monsters will be strengthened

Mini-Bosses - After killing a set amount of creatures, a mini-boss will spawn. Killing this mini-boss will yield players a temporary buff.

Extra Lives - Monsters have 75% more Health and Damage. Players have 3 lives when attempting the dungeon.


Sigil Equipment  

3 New Sets of Equipment will be able to be crafted using the Material resources found in Sigil Dungeons.

All these new sets will have the same base & scaling stats of Reforged Mastercrafted Equipment and will be an alternative means of acquiring this strength of Equipment.

Adamantite Ore will be used to craft Ranged Equipment.

Aether Ore will be used to craft Magic Equipment.

Adamante Ore will be used to craft Melee Equipment.

Whisper of secret enhancements on special seperate sets have been heard in the Forgotten Islands.


Set Bonuses

Sigil Equipment will also include a special passive bonus applied to them, you will receive a larger bonus if you wear a full matching set of Sigil Equipment.

The purpose of this new Set Bonus system is to further diversify the possibilities and builds throughout a season. We plan to create even more set bonuses, even some that involve unlocking a new spell or unique allies to fight by your side.


Possible Set Bonuses

Stat Booster  - Receive a random stat boost of 10-20 in any stat. Set Bonus increases an additional +20 of the stat when all 4 pieces are boosting the same stat.

Gatherer - 2% chance to gather a second material per piece. Chance increased to 10% when wearing all 4 pieces of Equipment. This stacks with Dragon Tools.

Soulhunter - Each piece will increase the wearers damage by 4% but lower their resistance by 2%. Wearing all 4 pieces of of this set will negate the resistance % lost.

Protector - Each piece will increase the wearers resistance by 4% but lower their damage by 2%. Wearing all 4 pieces of of this set will negate the damage % lost.

Tank - Each piece will increase the wearers resistance by 3%. Wearing all 4 pieces of this set will increase it by a further 8%.

Rare Finder - Increases your Essence & Loot find by a random amount between 5-15%. Wearing all 4 pieces of this set will increase your Essence & Loot Find by an additional 20%.

Enchanter - Each piece will increase the chance of your enchantment procing by 1%. By having all 4 pieces this amount doubles.  

Swarm Set - Insects will swarm your target in combat. When crafting any equipment piece there is a 2% chance that you will recieve this special equipment piece in stead of the respective one you requested. This Set will have the same base stats as Reforged Mastercrafted Armor, However a powerful new passive effect.  


New Lategame Hades Spawns

New spawns have been added to the Hades content. Once you have slain hades, you will be able to access these new spawns to hunt in by visiting Perseus inside Hades' Citadel.


New Forgotten Island

A massive new forgotten island has been added with entirely non-forced respawn Creatures. This island will require 1000 explorers reputation to access. This island was designed with the goal of providing strong manual hunt spawns for late game players.  


Gameplay Changes & Additions

Manual Hunting Changes

Creatures without a “forced respawn” will now have two chances to drop a monster essence (essentially doubling the chance of an essence from them).

Many spawns in the Forgotten Islands now have a duplicate version, you can access them through the normal open world spawns.

Hellflayers have had their experience, loot value and monster essences nerfed by 50%.  (Hellflayers will not be changed on Dracona until a new season for fairness.)