Character Creation for New Ildar Season Open!

09 June 2020 (21:37) by Archlight Team

Character Creation for the New Ildar Season

Launching June 19th is Now Open!

New Ildar Season - Balance Changes - June 19th

08 June 2020 (20:49) by Archlight Team

Balance Changes

Will come to all servers on June 19th


Enflaming Changes

Tier 1 minimum damage lowered from 200% power to 100% power.

Tier 2 chance to proc increased by 5%.

Tier 3 chance to proc increased by 10%.


Monk Balances

Health per level increased from 140 to 160.

Mana per level lowered from 75 to 50.

Auto Attack damage increased by 10%.


Guardian Balances

Holy Flash and First Aid healing boosted by 15%.


Druid Balances

Awakening spell Frost Grenade replaced with Subzero - Subzero increases damage for every awakening point applied and increases the duration at 5 / 10 awakening points.

Frozen Tundra Cooldown reduced from 15 to 10s.


Bard Balances

Lighstorm Cooldown reduced from 24 to 16s.


Samurai Balances

Base Attack Speed increased to 1 Attack a Second from 1 Attack per 1.35 seconds.


Corsair Balances

Death Card damage lowered from 10% to 8%, however now applies to spells as well not only auto attacks.

Changed Hell Artifact to add Damage Over Time instead of Faster Waves.

Changed Heaven Artifact from Bottle of Rum to Flask of Rum.


Necromancer Balances

Bonus from Heaven Artifact on Healing Ritual lowered by 50%.


Archer Balances

Base Auto Attack Damage increased by 10%.

Heaven Artifact - Changed to Snaring Shot with effect of boosting Damage instead of Aim.


Sorcerer Balances

Global Cooldown (all spells) lowered from 2s > 1.5s.

Lower Rage of the skies to level 30 and Cooldown to 6s from 8s.

Eruption Waves will now hit twice as fast.

Pyroblast removed from Awakening Spells.

Focused Magic added to Awakening Spells - further increasing magic level of the caster.

Hell Artifact will now increase the damage buff of Fire Shield.

Heaven Artifact will now increase the resistance of Arcane Shield.

New Mana Restore Spell added for level 20 called "Concentrate".

Vortex Breath base range is now 1 square longer.


Gunslinger Balances

Richochet proc chance reduced from 25% to 20%.

Outlaw Ammo damage reduced from 4% per point to 3.5%.

Hell Artifact changed to be on Concussive Shot

Concussive Shot cooldown increased from 6s > 8s


Trickster Specialization Balances

Phantom Expertise Cooldown reduced from 20s > 14s.

Disengage Cooldown reduced from 10s > 8s.

Clear Shot Cooldown reduced from 120s > 90s.


New Ildar Season June 19th

06 June 2020 (19:40) by Archlight Team

Launching Friday, June 19th - 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET / 13:00 BST / 18:00 CET


Ildar Going Down For Maintenance

The Ildar Server will be down for maintenance to prepare for the new season on Monday, June 8th at 6:00am PT. If you are wanting to use any items to boost your power for heirloom rewards for the new season, make sure you do so before Mondays maintenance!  


Character Creation

Character Creation for the new Ildar Season will open on Tuesday, June 9th at 9:00am PT


Lowered Experience Rates

Due to overwhelmingly positive community feedback and reception, the experience rates on Ildar will be lowered as Dracona's were to make it a much more engaging and natural progression experience, instead of the incredibly expedited experience we have now. These lower rates will primarily affect Awakening and above, and will match Dracona's rates.


New Content

New Spawns

Three new spawns are being added to further flesh out certain level brackets, as well as helping handle player bottlenecks as our playerbase continues to grow. Here's a small teaser of the three new spawns!

Cavelings (600+)

Insectoids (1200+)

Gargantoise (1500+)

New Tasks

Many creatures from the level 900 and 1500 teleports have had tasks added to them such as: Gold Cove Thornbacks, Cave Behemoths, Hellflayers, Death Reapers, Gnomevils & Leviathans.

This should add alot more relevance to them as hunting spawns making them far more viable than they previously were.




Many more creatures are being added as skinnable creatures, such as Island Panthers, Dire Wolves, and far more (Full list will be published in a follow up patch notes pre-launch).

Journeymans Trinket will now always provide a crafting boost and will not require to be activated every 5 minutes.

Dragon Tools bonus chance will now improve with every level your profession is above their requirement level, meaning the higher your gathering is, the more valuable Dragon Tools will be.

Fixed an issue with Dragon Tools. It will now prioritize them if you have more than one tool in your backpack. This means that you can properly "use" the profession node instead of clicking on the tool and the node.

Daily Profession Tasks will now reset on server save, instead of never resetting.

Progression of tasks is now sent to the player on Default (previously having to check with the NPC on a tasks progression)

Fixed task message, where it showed how many times you had to craft/gather said item, which could be misleading. Now it will properly show the amount required.

Fixed an issue with Fishing Daily Task, where it didn't always save your progress.

Tasks will now be given considering your effective skill level (that is, with cosmetic bonuses).

Healing Enhancement from Alchemy will now count towards every source of healing.

Added daily tasks for: Cooking, Woodcutting and Woodwoorking!

Drop chance for cosmetics that gives profession level from World Bosses increased.

Removed unused recipes.




Significantly increased the experience of Dolls.



Significantly increased the experience of Amulets and Rings.

Daily Task request items will also now ask for amulets and rings.



PiƱata, Hamster in a Wheel, Chest of Abundance have had its experience increased.

Bejeweled Telescope have had its experience decreased.



Every recipe have had its experience slightly increased.



Verdant, Alchemy, Comfy, Vengothic and Ornate Furnitures have had its experience increased.


UI Improvements

An exclamation point will be shown in category/subcategory/offer tabs. This marks means it contains a recipe that hasn't been crafted yet (in other words has not received the first time crafting bonus)

A question mark will be shown in category/subcategory/offer tabs. This marks means it contains a recipe that is needed for a daily turn-in task.

Enhancement tab will now be hidden if there are no enhancements are available.

Fixed issues with the amount box, where it didn't update the max value after crafting.  

Fixed an issue which made the amount box really hard to use, where it wouldn't let the user enter a value properly.


Archpass Changes

Completing an ArchPass Mission Experience increased from 300 > 600.

Progression Tokens gained from completing a mission changed increased from 2 > 4 tokens.

ArchPass Experience earned by being online doubled.

Progression and Loyalty Tokens can now be used to purchased Bounty Cards


Mission Changes

Spend Energy mission has had the energy amount reduced from 1000 > 750.

All Donation Mission Requirements changed from 50 > 25



Free Pass Rewards are no longer soulbound if you have a Premium ArchPass.


New Archpass Season on Avuria & Ildar (Not Dracona)

The Premium ArchPass lasts 3 months (or full one ArchPass Season), as such, Avuria & Ildar will be entering a new ArchPass Season.  

This new season will come with 4 new cosmetics to be unlocked by progressing the pass. Full list of cosmetics will be teased closer to launch!


How the ArchPass Works

The purpose of the ArchPass is to introduce different progression elements of Archlight - Test of Skill/Strength, Energy/Gathering, Crafting, Events, World Bosses, Dungeons, Quests & More! - In an all in one system. Additionally, the rewards from completing ArchPass levels will be able to be used to further progress your character.  

However I wont blow up the newsfeed with the tutorial that is already written here by our wikipedia team! Take a look to see everything about how the ArchPass works!

ArchPass Guide


5 Cosmetic Races this EU Season

The Achievement Point Races were very well received on NA, so we have decided we will be continuing this with even more variation in Races and Cosmetics to earn!  

Full list of cosmetics will be teased closer to launch, also disclosing which are cross-server exclusive and what tiers each are!

3 Achievement Point Races  

Autochess has been removed from contributing towards Achievement Point Races

First 5 players to 300 Achievement Points  

First 25 players to 200 Achievement Points

First 200 players to 150 Achievement Points


Quest Race

First 10 players to complete Hades Quest


Leveling Race

First 10 players to Awakening Level 1500


Otherworlds repeatable tasks

A new NPC has been added that will sell items for Otherworld Reputation. A list of what will be purchasable will be added in future notes before launch. This will add a clear use for Otherworld Reputation after RMC.


Team Boss Arena Changes

Awakening Level Requirement Changed from 750 > 1,000

Power Requirement Changed from 10,000 > 7,500

We feel team boss arena was too aggresively limited only allowing very few people to complete the content. While we want it to continue being very late game content, we want it to be more accessible and earlier on.

We will also be considering increasing the amount of loot bags you obtain from each boss in the Team Boss Arena.


Market Quality of Life Improvements

Tons of Internal Optimizations to avoid client freezes when using the marketplace.

Offers will now be displayed in pages.

Cooldown to create a new offer heavily reduced.

Show Depot Items option fixed.

Actions don't reset the market anymore. (before, when you canceled an offer it sent you back to the home page, so it took forever to cancel all offers you wanted, mainly due to the massive freezes)

Option to cancel/buy/sell offers are now available by right clicking the offer.

Dropdown order for Buy/Sell and Gold/AT swapped, being the default Sell/AT.  

Multiple items of the UI reorganized!


Improved the automatic balance system on PvP Events


Leaderboard Improvements

Leaderboard now highlights the user.

Fixed Stats UI where it showed a bigger number than the "limit".