Dracona Season Expansion Notes

28 January 2021 (20:38) by Archlight Team

Full Class Balance Notes Posted: February 5th, 7:30am PT

Character Creation Opens: February 5th, 8:00am PT

Dracona Fresh Season Launch: February 12th, 8:00am PT (11:00am ET / 1:00pm BST / 5:00pm CET)

Following up our massive success of the last Dracona Season, we have a new Dracona Season coming in 2 weeks, and we cannot wait to share what's coming new with it We have some new content coming at you all, some big changes, reworks, fixes and improvements. So sit back, and enjoy the read! :)


Wargates - PvP & PvE Content

Wargates are a new 1v1 PvP & PvE content coming to the new Dracona Season. By killing creatures in the world of Archlight, you will be able to obtain access to a wargate. Entering a wargate will generate a map with random traps, chests, creatures and bosses that are scaled to your strength. These creatures will drop a significant amount of experience, some of the chests will have wargates currency inside them (beware the traps!), and by killing the boss you will obtain a significant amount of wargates currency as well.  

However, you are often not alone inside these wargates. Wargates have a chance to have an opposing gate-crusader inside them as well, fighting over creatures, chests, and the boss. While you will not always have an opponent when you are inside a wargate, if you do, they will be someone within your power bracket.

While a wargate may look similar, every wargate is a unique experience. Not only with the map, chest & traps, but also with Power Ups & Affixes. Power Ups can spawn when a creature inside the gate is killed, by standing ontop of the power up you will absorb it, strengthening you for 60 seconds after. There are 10 different Power Ups you can obtain, from causing healing reduction to your opponents to adding bleeds to any source of your damage done.  

Affixes will be additional challenges to a Wargate that are generated when the Wargate is opened. Obstacles inside the Wargate that explode doing damage to nearby inhabitants, A crippling damage over time to everyone inside the Wargate, these are just a couple of the possible Affixes to keep each Wargate a unique experience.

Side Bonus: Killing Wargate Bosses also will contribute to the Wild Boss Achievement


Wargates Shop

While many forms of progression on Archlight currently have an element of randomization to them, wargate rewards will not! Wargate currency can be spent at the Wargate NPC on the second floor of the depot to get various progression or exclusive rewards! Here are a couple of the many rewards you are able to purchase with Wargates Currency.


Gem Exchange Token  

Using this token on 7 gems will allow you to turn them into another Gem Type of your choosing.


New 3 Tier Universal (PvE) Spell

Tier 1 - Pulls all monsters around you into you.  

Tier 2 - Paralyzes all monsters around you and prevents them from leaving your radius

Tier 3 - Deals large damage to all creatures around for you 5 seconds

Layering System

Over Population has obviously been a large concern on Dracona in the last couple era's, last era actually forcing us to have a queue, which at peaks was around 8 hours long. Archlight is a very heavy server to run, with how customizable and interactive characters are, there are many many things to calculate and that can cause issues when we're hitting 800+ players. We have made dozens and dozens of improvements to hopefully mitigate these issues since last Dracona season, however, there is still only so much we can do without drastically changing/dampening gameplay.  

While this system is not currently finished and will not be in for this Dracona season, we fully plan to have it in for the next or near future if before then. The reason we mention this is we feel it's important for the playerbase to know that we are actively working on a remedy to allow thousands to connect and play together, and wont be limited to queues and player caps.  

Our layering system is very similar to what Blizzard implemented in World of Warcraft classic. Essentially, players will be able to play all off the same world, however, with multiple layers they can login to and play on seamlessly allowing them to switch layers depending who they are playing with. Yes, houses will be able to be interacted with no matter what layer you are on. This will also help address launch week craziness allowing for slightly less congested spawns on other layers (granted, each layer will still support minimum 600 players, so there still will be alot of craziness). Layers will only be available as they are needed however, so you will not be able to simply hop onto a layer with 50 people on it. This new system will allow thousands to play on one world at once!


Ramparts Improvements

All of Ramparts has been increased in width to allow for easier movement and killing.  

The mob density has been reduced by 50% to make it less of a crawl.

Reward scaling has been increased at higher difficulties.  

Health scaling at lower difficulties has been lowered

Health scaling at higher difficulties has been slightly increased.

Damage of creatures has been increased significantly (primarily to account for 50% decrease in creatures).

Fungus boss has been slightly nerfed

Overall all bosses other than fungus have been slightly buffed.


Sigil Dungeon Changes

Fixed an issue where Frost Shield didn't properly work on Sigil Dungeons.

Players will no longer get rewards if they don't partake in the boss fight.

Hive Set wasps received a speed boost.

Jadis equipments will no longer have a chance to draw Strength stat, as well as Ox and Ra will no longer have a chance to draw Intelligence/Focus stat.

Aaron will now buy sigil equipments for 50 forgotten gold.


Spawn Revamps


Archbot Improvements

Re-added "use on self" healer option.

Fixed issue where Auto Haste executed even with the check box untoggled.

Soul Rune is now prioritize on the casting order.

Targetting now has a 10 tile range limit.

Miscellaneous fixes.


Misc Changes

Fixed issue with players getting stuck with temporary outfits.

Added a 5 seconds cooldown to "!mail" command.

Alchemy elixirs will now cleanse users.

Poseidon effects is now under "misc" options on client instead of player's.

Fixed an issue where ballistas could target companions inside Sieges.

Solo Misty Mountains bosses have had their health pool lowered.

On events like CTF and TDM, teams will now force enter a party.

Training Dummies will now properly display a player's DPS.

Fixed an issue where a spell from the boss Null from Team Boss Arena could still move players even when they got teleported back to the depot.

Fixed an issue where the bounty window wouldn't open.

Fixed miscellaneous issues with the new UI revamp.


New Content From Ildar

Sigil Dungeons

Sigil Dungeons are a new type of content that will be available to players above Awakening Level 300, as well as had completed the Pipes Quests in Shadows of the Ashen Content. By completing this quest you will receive a Sigil that can be used on your character in which it's progress can be tracked on your character UI. 

A Sigil Dungeon will require a team of 3-5 players to complete.

Players must clear the entire dungeon, in order to summon the Boss. Once killed they can enter the reward room at the end of the dungeon and are able to use their Sigil to Cleanse the Obelisk inside. Like Ramparts, you can help others in their Sigil Dungeons however not receiving the rewards multiple times in a cooldown cycle (3.5 days cooldown like quests).

Clearing a dungeon and killing the boss will increase the level of your Sigil by 1, up to a maximum of 100.

Players are able to run multiple Sigil Dungeons in a cooldown cycle to level up their Sigil, however they cannot get another reward until their cooldown is up. So you must choose carefully when to cleanse the Obelisk.

By leveling up your Sigil, dungeons you enter will not only be more difficult, but also will provide bigger and better rewards.

Sigil dungeons will include some pretty insane rewards such as Enchantment Boxes (5% chance for Level 10+ Sigil Dungeons), Bounty Cards, Global Potions, Relic Stones and much more! The higher the level of the sigil, the higher chance at rare rewards and total amount of rewards you will obtain.

There will be 10 total different Sigil Dungeons for players to explore and slay!


Sigil Dungeon Challenges

Every Sigil Dungeon "Cycle" (Twice a week) the server will choose 3 of the 8 possible challenges to be applied to the Sigil Dungeons. Each Sigil Dungeon run 2 of these 3 challenges will be applied to your Dungeon run.  

The different challenges!

Explosions! - Monsters will explode on death

Swarm - A swarm of creatures will spawn on a monster's death

Morphed - Monsters have 20% more health and 15% more damage

Morphed Bosses - Bosses have 40% more health and 30% more damage

Shockwave - Players will emit a shockwave damaging nearby allies

Bloodlust - When a monster dies, nearby monsters will be strengthened

Mini-Bosses - After killing a set amount of creatures, a mini-boss will spawn. Killing this mini-boss will yield players a temporary buff.

Extra Lives - Monsters have 75% more Health and Damage. Players have 3 lives when attempting the dungeon.


Sigil Equipment  

3 New Sets of Equipment will be able to be crafted using the Material resources found in Sigil Dungeons.

All these new sets will have the same base & scaling stats of Reforged Mastercrafted Equipment and will be an alternative means of acquiring this strength of Equipment.

Adamantite Ore will be used to craft Ranged Equipment.

Aether Ore will be used to craft Magic Equipment.

Adamante Ore will be used to craft Melee Equipment.

Whisper of secret enhancements on special seperate sets have been heard in the Forgotten Islands.


Set Bonuses

Sigil Equipment will also include a special passive bonus applied to them, you will receive a larger bonus if you wear a full matching set of Sigil Equipment.

The purpose of this new Set Bonus system is to further diversify the possibilities and builds throughout a season. We plan to create even more set bonuses, even some that involve unlocking a new spell or unique allies to fight by your side.


Possible Set Bonuses

Stat Booster  - Receive a random stat boost of 10-20 in any stat. Set Bonus increases an additional +20 of the stat when all 4 pieces are boosting the same stat.

Gatherer - 2% chance to gather a second material per piece. Chance increased to 10% when wearing all 4 pieces of Equipment. This stacks with Dragon Tools.

Soulhunter - Each piece will increase the wearers damage by 4% but lower their resistance by 2%. Wearing all 4 pieces of of this set will negate the resistance % lost.

Protector - Each piece will increase the wearers resistance by 4% but lower their damage by 2%. Wearing all 4 pieces of of this set will negate the damage % lost.

Tank - Each piece will increase the wearers resistance by 3%. Wearing all 4 pieces of this set will increase it by a further 8%.

Rare Finder - Increases your Essence & Loot find by a random amount between 5-15%. Wearing all 4 pieces of this set will increase your Essence & Loot Find by an additional 20%.

Enchanter - Each piece will increase the chance of your enchantment procing by 1%. By having all 4 pieces this amount doubles.  

Swarm Set - Insects will swarm your target in combat. When crafting any equipment piece there is a 2% chance that you will recieve this special equipment piece in stead of the respective one you requested. This Set will have the same base stats as Reforged Mastercrafted Armor, However a powerful new passive effect.  


New Lategame Hades Spawns

New spawns have been added to the Hades content. Once you have slain hades, you will be able to access these new spawns to hunt in by visiting Perseus inside Hades' Citadel.


New Forgotten Island

A massive new forgotten island has been added with entirely non-forced respawn Creatures. This island will require 1000 explorers reputation to access. This island was designed with the goal of providing strong manual hunt spawns for late game players.  


Gameplay Changes & Additions

Manual Hunting Changes

Creatures without a “forced respawn” will now have two chances to drop a monster essence (essentially doubling the chance of an essence from them).

Many spawns in the Forgotten Islands now have a duplicate version, you can access them through the normal open world spawns.

Hellflayers have had their experience, loot value and monster essences nerfed by 50%.  (Hellflayers will not be changed on Dracona until a new season for fairness.)

Santa Claus is Coming to Archlight!

11 December 2020 (15:25) by Archlight Team

Christmas Events & Quest Line  

Available from December 11th > 31st

Today's patch will bring a full christmas quest line available for all Archlighters to partake in! This can be accessed from the green portal in the depot.  

By completing this questline, you will become a citizen of Santa's town, receiving a Reindeer Companion (+2 to all stats) a new Christmas Knight Outfit (Tier 2 Hp/Mp Outfit!) and also a Christmas Letterbag (Potion/Rune Relic - Increasing the regen from potions/runes)!

Also this year, you will be able to get multiple free cosmetics by common daily gameplay!

Complete 15 Dungeons to unlock a free Red Sled Mount! (T2 Skill)

Contribute to 3 World Bosses to unlock a free Blue Sled Mount (T2 Skill)

Complete Any 10 Story Quests to unlock a free Santa Immortal (T2 Skill)

Additionally, dungeons boxes will all have an additional drop for the Christmas Season! Dungeon boxes will now also drop 2 candy canes (+5 energy when eaten) AND a christmas token this Christmas Season! Christmas Tokens can be turned in at the North Pole for free Christmas Presents!

Additionally, you can also obtain Large Christmas Presents for LAT's at the LAT Exchanger during the Christmas Event, while they have the exact same drop chance as Christmas Presents, they will give 2 rewards instead of 1. The color of the present does not change the rewards.

Christmas Present rewards can all be rewrapped if you do not like the reward! If you dont like a reward you get, you can simply take it to the Johnny the Wrapper and sell it for wrapping paper, to wrap a new present to open!


Christmas Presents can contain any of the following items

Christmas Snorlax Companion (Ultra Rare) (Cross-Server Exclusive/Heirloom)

+5 to all Stats


Christmas Yeti Mount (Ultra Rare) (Cross-Server Exclusive/Heirloom)

Tier 4 Skill  


Present Wings (Very Rare) (Heirloom)

Tier 3.5 Monster Essence Find (+3%ME) (Multiples do not stack)


Christmas Wings (Very Rare)  (Heirloom)

Tier 2 Health & Mana


Snowman Companion (Very Rare)

+3 to all Stats


Blue Cape Snowman Mount (Very Rare)

Tier 3 Hp/Mp


Red Scarf Snowman Mount (Very Rare)

Tier 3 Hp/Mp


Santa Snowman Mount (Very Rare)

Tier 3 Hp/Mp


Santa Hat (Very Rare)

Provides user with 50 Energy every 23 hours.


Santa Doll (Very Rare)

7% Resistance Trinket


Santa Backpack (Very Rare)

+18 Skill, +3% Resistance

Grinch Companion (Rare)

+1 to all stats

Leaf Golem Santa (Semi-Uncommon)

Frazzlemaw Santa (Semi-Uncommon)

Snow Flake Tapestry (Uncommon)

Christmas Cookie Tray (Uncommon)

Gives 50 Energy when consumed


Christmas Tree (Uncommon)

Christmas Wreath (Uncommon)

Christmas Card (Common)

Blue Christmas Garland (Common)

Red Christmas Garland (Common)

Green Christmas Garland (Common)

Christmas Branch (Common)

Gingerbread (Common)

Gives 20 Energy when consumed


Additionally, if you do not like the act of opening presents, you can obtain a Present Box Mount from the LAT exchanger for just 6 LAT's. (Ildar Only)

This mount is a T4 Health/Mana & T4 Skills and is a cross-server heirloom. (Multiple's do not stack bonuses - only 1)


Lastly... You can also get the new Seasonal Santa Pikachu Companion (Cross-Server Exclusive/Heirloom) for free by obtaining all 3 christmas snowmen mounts! (Ildar Only)

It comes packed with a +5 to all stats bonus!


We have been doing much more frequent bugfix patches lately, instead of saving them all for big patches like this, you can see all those in our #changelog channel in our discord at anytime, but to avoid a massive wall of text, we wont post them here as they're already in-game!

(The Christmas patch will be on Dracona from 18th > January 8th  - this is because we will be dropping the full patch list of Ildar onto Dracona on this date as well)

Ildar Season Doorbuster!

03 December 2020 (17:47) by Archlight Team

A couple months ago now, the Archlight team grew significantly. Not only a much more talented team, but a larger team as well. This expansion has been without a doubt our biggest Ildar expansion ever. Tons of new content to enjoy, meta changes & balances, a full new UI, just to name a few things from the massive patch notes posted on Wednesday. This is just a taste of what is to come for the future of Archlight. After seeing the huge growth once again on this past Dracona season, we realized Archlight still has so much growth potential. While this has been a huge undertaking for the team to put together, we cannot wait to show this as the new norm moving forward, and even bigger things to come.  

We really appreciate any and all support from you players if you are excited about what we're doing here and the future plans for Archlight. We're working really hard to take Archlight to the next level, and your support is crucial in that. Whether that is sharing about the project, getting friends to come play, or the most direct support of donating to the project. Now we will share with you the new Doorbusters and ArchPass for the Ildar Winter Season!  


Ildar Doorbuster!

New Shader - Shimmer (Heirloom) (10 LATs from NPC) 

(Or Get It Free On Any Large Donation Pack - Limited To First 25 Donators!) 

We are only doing 1 doorbuster with only 25 available as free bonuses, so make sure if you are wanting one, to scoop it up quick before they're all gone! (Once all are gone, it will be removed from the donation page bonus section - if you see it there when you go to purchase coins, it's still available!)


Royal Violet Wings (8 LATs from NPC) (Heirloom & Cross Server)   

T4 Skills & T4 Health/Mana


New ArchPass

Level 50 ArchPass Mount Cosmetic (Pick one of three) (Heirloom)  

T3 Skills



Level 100 ArchPass Outfit Cosmetic (Heirloom)  



With this announcement, donations are now officially open for tomorrow's launch! Any donations made will be waiting for you in your account with no delay for Launch start tomorrow! It's been a hard 2020, treat yourself.  


Additional Note

The Mobile Client Download has been removed for the launch. Theres a few issues we're looking into with the mobile client right now and feel it's better to remove it until those issues are fixed so people aren't having issues on Launch day with it and fall behind.