Catchup Pouches & 2x Living Archlight Tokens!

19 January 2020 (19:52) by Archlight Team

Catchup Pouches have been enabled on EU, yielding 2 Catchup Pouches every dungeon completed! Enjoy faster upgrades, stats and more!

Additionally, all donations on NA and EU will receive Double Living Archlight Tokens on any donation from today until January 28th!

Patch Notes January 6th

06 January 2020 (19:30) by Archlight Team

Test of Strength

   - Changed the amount of kills required to complete a task.

Olympus Gates

   - Don't allow players to use the gates if they are PZ locked.


   - Rebalance their legendary spell.

Guns (Hell Artifact)

   - Reduce paralyze speed

Hell Sergeant

   - Disabled Angel Generals task.

   - Increased the amount of kills required for Angel Warden (from 1 to 10).

Shadows of the Ashen

   - Fixed an issue with the Pipes Quest where your quest progress didn't reset properly.

Walkable Lava (Forgotten Islands)

   - No longer being treated like a trashcan



A speed issue in CTF that resulted in players "teleporting" across the map has been resolved.

Fixed an issue where creatures didn't take damage when they stood on portals (i.e. The Succubus Quest).

The spell "Command Attention" is no longer usable in protection zones.

Mimicking enchantment of an item that has soulbound gems will no longer result in the scroll getting soulbound as well.

Dragon Hatchet will now have the chance to yield extra logs like other profession tools.

Apply attack exhaustion to player summons upon changing floors.

It will no longer be possible to trash reward chests.

$500USD 3v3 Arena Tournmament on EU

21 December 2019 (22:42) by Archlight Team

Signup for the $500USD 3v3 Balanced EU Arena Tournament is now Open! Prizepool 1st Place - $300USD & Exclusive Santa Immortal Outfit (T4 Outfit) & 12 Cosmetic Tokens & Arena Tournament Champion Rank on Discord

2nd Place - $200USD & 6 Cosmetic Tokens All teams who show up and compete in the tournament will receive 1500 Coins Arena Tournament Champion Rank - This role is displayed seperately from other roles in our discord, and will give the user a Gold Title in our Discord. Misc Info Teams have until December 27th 10:00am PT to register a team for the Tournament. All teams competing will be required to have ALL MEMBERS "check-in" by latest 30 minutes prior to the event starting at 9:30am PT, check-in will be open 60 minutes prior at 9:00am PT. If any member is not present before 9:30, the team will not be able to compete. For anyone who hasn't tried our new Arena System - We have implemented a new Arena 3v3 Arena system where players can team up and challenge eachother in a 100% balanced PvP environment, where nothing is carried over and everyones character is completely even with eachother allowing for a purely skill based competitor battle.

This means this tournament will prove and reward the truly best Archlight pvp-er and pvping team. It will be the ultimate claim to fame. The Arena is available right on EU Launch, so players and teams can start practicing for the tournament as soon as they want! Rules: Any player attempting to play on multiple teams, whether with the same character or an alt, will be permanently banned (on all accounts they possess) as well as any team members that we prove to be aware of them attempting this. We will be looking into all players during and after the event. To sign-up, please comment in here tagging myself with your REGISTERED Arena Team Name (Make sure you already registered an arena team in-game on the European Server and the name of all 3 team members.

A few small changes; The time of the tournament has been changed from 10:00am PT on the 28th > 8:00am PT - This is 16:00 GMT, and registration must be completed by the 27th instead of 28th. It's unlikely we will have the arena pool "full", however we recommend people register as soon as they have a team ready, so we can make sure you have a slot!