Mobile Client & New Awakening System

27 July 2020 (16:20) by Archlight Team

We have alot more than just this to share, but wont be sharing it for another couple weeks till it's 100% done

Awakening System Revamp

Each skill now has 4 available awakening effects, 1 guaranteed and then 3 for a player to choose to further awaken.

Players can now choose between 12 different skills (10 spells, soul rune & auto attack) instead of just the previous 5. However only 5 skills can be awakened at a time, but these can be changed anytime not in combat. This will allow for over 364 new combinations on how you play your class!

Minor Backpacks, Doorbusters, and much more!

17 June 2020 (20:10) by Archlight Team

Minor Backpacks

New "Minor" Soulhunter, Craftsman & Gatherers Backpacks added to Promotion Token NPC.

These Backpacks will be available for 5 promotion tokens, and will have 50-60% the stats of their original counterparts that are for Living Archlight Tokens.

Ildar Doorbusters

The two cheapest doorbuster cosmetics we have ever done... We will have 2 new cosmetics available on launch, both being just 6 LAT's each for the first 24 hours of launch. After that, their price will go up to 9 LAT each but be available for the rest of the season (something that has been requested alot in the past, to not have them firm time gated).

Twilight Guardian Outfit

Tier 4 Health & Mana - Cross Server Heirlooms

Twilight Mount Outfit

Tier 4 Skill - Cross Server Heirlooms

Team Boss Arena

Now, each player will be able to harvest the corpse of the boss once.

Two of the same vocation are still able to join the arena. Three or more aren't.

Fixed Lurtag's spell. It was doing more damage than intended.

Reduced Cosmos' spinning holy spell damage.

Awakening Level 1 Cosmetic For All

Anyone who reaches Awakening Level 1 in the first 2 weeks of the new Ildar Season will receive a free T4 Health & Mana Cross-Server Heirloom Aura! This will only be available for the first 2 weeks of the Ildar Season! This is not a race, anyone who reaches Awakening 1 within first 2 weeks will obtain it!

Cosmetic Races

3 Achievement Point Races

Autochess has been removed from contributing towards Achievement Point Races

First 5 players to 300 Achievement Points

Sword & Fire Outfit (3) (Tier 4 Health & Mana) (Heirloom)

First 25 players to 200 Achievement Points

Orbs Aura (2) (Already Included) (Heirloom)

First 200 players to 150 Achievement Points

Archer Outfit (1) (Tier 3 Health & Mana) (Heirloom)

Hades Quest Race

First 20 players to complete Hades Quest

Black Swords Aura (5) (Tier 4 Skill) (Heirloom)

Awakening Race

First 10 players to Awakening Level 1500

Pink Moth Mount (4) (Tier 4 Skill) (Heirloom)

New Archpass Season on Avuria & Ildar (Not Dracona)


All Archpass Cosmetic Rewards are Heirloom

Defensor Outfit (25) (T3 Health/Mana)

Skull Aura (50)

Nation Wings (75) - This allows you to select any of the nation wings, just Canada for display purposes.

Owl Mount (100) (T3 Skill)

Otherworld Repeatable Tasks

Cosmetic Token is being sold for 160 otherworld reputation.

Minor Cosmetic Token is being sold for 40 otherworld reputation.


Walking will no longer interferes with moving/using items.    - That is, before if you were walking you couldn't move or use items inside your backpack.

Duration of corpses standardized to 60 seconds (For Skinning Primarily).

Fixed Forsaken Hunter outfit.

Fixed blinking sprites from Ashen creatures.

Gnomevil buffed by 300% (HP/damage/experience).

Fixed whirpool on Treasure Coves, now it will properly floor change.  - This has made whole new hunting area now accessible.  

Daily Profession Task message fixed

Command "!online" now shows awakening level and lists players in descending order of the highest awakening level player.

Paid duplicate spawns now have an option to pay for more hours.


Basic Client Improvements

Only show 1 trailing decimal for spell cooldown

Fixed an auto loot issue where certain items didn't appear (i.e. ron the ripper's sabre)


Beta Client Improvements

Hide own guild members (Battle List)

Fixed missing minimap colors (i.e. holes)



To help avoid "scamming", now offers that are below (for buy offers) and above (for sell offers) the market's average price will show up in a different color.


Besides the chance of drawing an unpolished gem, players will now have 100% chance to draw an unpolished gem shard from quest boxes. By using three of them, an unpolished gem is crafted.


Fixed some issues with awakening spells scaling.

- Dragon Blade wasn't properly scaling.

- Hira Shuriken and Yaten Blade were only scaling bleed.

Targetting Bot

We also wanted to mention we're digging into the Targetting bot to further improve it's efficiency and how it operates. We hope to have an update to it in a near future patch :)

New Skinnable Creatures List

Light Skin Scrap
Dragons, Minotaurs, Apes, Cave Larvae/Evolved Larvae, Orcs, Trolls

Heavy Skin Scrap
Dark Torturer, Lizards, Heroes, Black Knight

Gold Skin Scrap
Hellspawn (it gave Heavy Skin Scrap before), Dragon Lord, Drakens, Demons, Lost Berserker/Lost Husher/Lost Thrower/Enslaved Dwarf

Glowing Skin Scrap
Aggressive Armadile, Deepseas, Aquatics, Gnomevil

Aged Skin Scrap
Plagued Mammal, Plagued Rat, Nomads

Mythril Skin Scrap
Werebadger/Wereboar/Werebear (it gave Aged Skin Scrap before), Spidris Elite, Exileds/Hideouts, Gold Cove Tortoises

Inferno Skin Scrap
Gargantoise, Rhutum, Experiment Seven, Dire Wolf (Blackridge), Island Tiger (Rumrunner Bay), Giants (Azmar), Spiders (Azmar)

Free T4 Aura

13 June 2020 (23:01) by Archlight Team

Because of how strong Character Creation for Ildar has been already, we have decided to give a free cosmetic variant to every Ildar player who obtains Awakening level 1 this season! This Cross-Server Heirloom Cosmetic will be a TIER 4 Health & Mana Aura. This means you will be able to have it on both your Dracona & Ildar account permanently once unlocked!

This cosmetic will not be available outside of this Ildar Season.

Hope you all enjoy!